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HANMI PURE TECH, which produces a parts of water dispenser & purifier and water purifier, has been steadily growing since it was established in 2000.


All reflect the advanced technology that we have accumulated over many years.


Through our own besiness systems desinged and fitted to the water market.
We are supplying to our customer precision and quality water purifier and related parts at internationally com-petitive price.
Making the most of our great wealth of knowledge built up in many years. we are doing utmost effort so that our production may bring further satisfaction to our customers.


Thanks for your visit and coperation.



Increase a injection molding machine.
Increase a production line for water purifier.
Moved to new Plant
Launched new brand HANMI for water Purifier.
Foundation of Pure Tech System Co., Ltd.
Produce a water Purifier by OEM(HUYNDAI)

Detailed Company Information

  • Company NamePTS Korea Co.,Ltd.
  • Business Type
  • Year Established
  • LocationSouth Korea
  • Main MarketsChina,Japan,South Korea,U.S.A
  • Total Employees 1-50 People
  • Homepage
  • PresidentSeongju Lee
  • Phone+82-32-524-0542
  • FAX+82-32-524-0544
  • Address426,Cheongcheon-dong,Bupyeong-gu,Incheon City,Korea
  • Product Category Electrical Equipment & Supplies
    Home Appliances > Water Dispenser

Additional Introduction

First of all, we sincerely appreciate for your kind cooperations,

and to jump up to be a leading company in this industry.

We has been originated from a supplier to produce all kinds of main parts of

water purifier and dispenser, so called, Hanmi Pure Tech be established in 2000,and greatly contributed to be developed technology and economics growth water purifier and related industry in these fields of domestic market.


Based on all of these technical skills, we have separated from Hanmi to be independent a consumer-oriented business company in 2009.

It was ground to be form a general water purifier company successfully.

We are proud of thorough inspection for material at the spot of touching water and certificate system.


PTS has complete product line from filter manufacturing including automated injection system and install cutting-edge production facilities.

Also we have confidence to open up global market, mainly Japan, China, USA, Malaysia and Singapore.

The strength of PTS is sincerity based on reliability, transparency of business, and young thinking. We commit to keep the growth with such a strength and thinking and carry out responsibility and obligation faithfully as one of member in society.


We will do our best with consistent effort to be the memorable company forever by the client. Under the principle "Clients is the first", we will provide supreme quality and best service to realize an unlimited impression to clients.

In the turmoil of wave in the world, we will do endeavor to improve new technology in environment that could lead better quality of life and health for people.

Factory Information

  • PTS426,Cheongcheon-dong,Bupyeong-gu,Incheon City
  • Hanmi Pure Tech426,Cheongcheon-dong,Bupyeong-gu,Incheon City,Korea